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The SB-250 is a 2 day supported charity ride from McAllen to San Antonio, Texas to raise money for Spina Bifida. Day 1 starts in McAllen and ends in Freer, Texas (141 miles). Day 2 starts in Freer and ends in San Antonio, Texas (107 miles). There are multiple supported food/water stops along the course each day (~ every 20 miles). There are time cut-offs each day for rider safety.

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SB-250 is a 2 day fully supported group ride to raise funds for
Spina Bifida Texas.
With the help of Team McAllen Cycling we created the SB 250. The SB 250 is a fully supported 2 day ride from McAllen, TX to San Antonio, TX. While you may want to challenge yourself with this ride, also know you are doing good by helping raise funds for Spina Bifida Texas. In 2003, my daughter was born with Spina Bifida and to this day SBTX is good source for networking and support. Please visit our website for more info and to register.


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